Never work with children or animals!!!

…or you get this…..

…we are working on a top-secret project so until then I thought I’d ask some questions and see how much has changed since I last did that!

What do you want to be when you grow up….

    Caitlin – a princess (better than a tooth fairy I suppose!)

    Noah – a dragon??  (How does his mind work!?  I am gutted he doesn’t want to be a mini any more!)

Who is your best friend?

    Caitlin – Eleana and Vika

    Noah – Alex

What is the best thing at school?

     C – the giant’s castle

     N – the water table

What is your favourite colour?

     C – pink and purple

     N – blue

Favourite food?

     C – fajita’s , raclette and cheesy pasta

     N – cheesy pasta

Favourite book?

     C – the tickley octopus

     N – the Gruffalo  (added after Caitlin’s answer – the tickley octopus)

Favourite toy?

     C – dolls

     N – minis

Who’s your favourite..Elvis or Jap Taxi?

     C – both (so diplomatic!)

     N – Elvis  (added after Caitlin…Oh yeah both…. Not really he’s just copying ha ha!!)

Which car are you going to have when you grow up?

     C – a convertible mini

     N – a mini  (added after Caitlin…oh yeah with no roof!…such a copycat!)

What’s your favourite clothes?

     C – dresses

     N – my green mini t-shirt

What are you asking Father Christmas for?

     C – a twizzeling out dress

     N – a campervan bed, a new bedroom and minis and cars!

What does Austin want for Christmas?

     C – a colouring book

     N – minis, a campervan bed when he’s bigger….

And then I gave up!  Noah is so easily influenced!!!!!  I asked him first, but he then added things after listening to Caitlin!  Glad to see he still rates minis right up there and they are in so many answers!!!!


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  1. Aaaaw he looks so miserable!!

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