Spots for Caitlin!

School had a non-uniform day and a face painting session for Children in Need.  Caitlin was really excited about getting spots painted on her face so off she went with her pound in her pocket!  And when we picked her up she’d had a great day and she had the hardest to see spots imaginable!!!

She had picked pink (obviously!) but they have painted her in very pale pink spots!

After school they went straight to Nanny and Grandad’s for the weekend while me and Richard went to the Christmas markets and then on a night out.  The markets were ridiculously busy…really must go back during the week so I can actually see!  After the markets we went for a quick meal before meeting some people for a night out.  Once we met up we discovered we were meeting for a meal….so we ordered again!!!!!!!  Fortunately mine wasn’t very nice anyway so it was lucky I wasn’t hungry!!!!!!  Was a good night though..and we’ll know not to eat next time!


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  1. Spots day was such fun , my kids had a blast wearing spots. We went for the all over kind with nothing matching and the teachers laughed at us lol (in a good way).

    HA HA on the meal , the same sort of this would happen to us.

    Hope all is well with you all , been about and reading just not commenting much 🙂

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