Noah’s first party invite just for him!

Noah was very excited to get a party invite just for him!!  Caitlin has been to a few now and all the ones he’s had Caitlin has been invited to as well so he was very chuffed to have his own friend and own invite.  There was an entertainer who played games with them, but there were a lot of boys and holding their attention was very hard for her….(made me feel that I did ok with Caitlin’s party!!)  Noah managed to stay quite focused mainly because he won a game quite early on and so thought he might be in with a chance of winning more chocolate!!!!!  He won the egg and spoon race…he did really well actually.  He had 2 egg’s and spoons because someone else wandered off so he acquired theirs as well as his own!

After the games there was the party food where a group of them started getting very silly and making wotsit eyebrows….

…and then it was home time with their orange faces!!!!!!


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