Christmas lights switch on

Richard was working late which meant we couldn’t go to either the school quiz night or a 40th party we had been invited to so I took the kids to see the Christmas lights switch on in Manchester.  We went straight after school and walked through the Arndale Centre and saw the Nativity display….

…..bought new Father Christmas hats since we’d lost last years (again!!!!!!)

We then had tea and walked around to the switch on stage.  As usual it was manic but we stood in the same spot as last year which is up against some shops.  It’s a great spot as there is no-one behind you so I only need to look in one direction to keep an eye on them.  We had a great view of the big screen and Caitlin and Noah had a great time dancing away….

Caitlin then asked if they were only showing people who were good singers on the big screen!!  I think she thought it was going to be like the Rainbows celebration and she might get shown….  After not very long Caitlin decided she needed the toilet!!!!  She had only just been and she did this last year so I said she had to wait so we didn’t miss it or lose our really good place.  She then decided she was tired and so got in the pram. Austin was already asleep so that only left Noah who sat on the pram handle bars watching the fireworks…

…and when I looked down…..

This time Noah fell asleep mid fireworks display!!!!!  It was really close to the end so once it was finished I had to push a double pram with 2 kids in and an asleep child balanced on the top…through a 20,000 strong crowd!!!!!!  It was chaos!!!!!  I couldn’t stand still as the flow of people was pushing me along!  Maybe next year they’ll all stay awake and not need the loo!!!!!!!!!


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  1. I don’t know how you do it! LOL last year was tough and I only had one!!

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