Our own fireworks

Since the kids enjoyed the fireworks display so much (and we love fireworks!!) we decided to get a couple to set off in the garden.  As our garden is pretty overgrown with lots of nearby trees we went for little ground fireworks and some sparklers!  We did sparklers first with help from our very own safety officer!!!!

That is about how close she got to her sparkler!!!  She has obviously covered firework safety at school…which is great…but for someone like Caitlin who already takes safety VERY seriously it can get a bit hard work!  She insisted on having her gloves on, we had to get her a bucket of cold water ready for when it was done and she was very careful to hold it at arm’s length!  Austin has never had a sparkler before at first he wasn’t too sure but then he loved it…

Even before Austin was done Caitlin was jiggling about worrying that Richard would forget to put it in the bucket of water once the sparkler was finished!!!!!!  After the sparklers were done (and safely disposed of!!!!) we had 2 fireworks which we set off together….

They were pretty close to us mainly because our garden isn’t that big!  Austin was scared to death and ran behind me crying!  As soon as they finished he peeped out and clapped shouting again!!!!!!



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2 responses to “Our own fireworks

  1. Oh dear, you appear to be missing a child… let me guess.

  2. Oh he was there! He missed the first few minutes cos he was still eating but as soon as we went out he soon finished it I just didn’t take a pic of him…

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