Fireworks night

The rain held off so we braved the fireworks display at Wythenshawe Park.  When we got there the mud was awful!!!!!!  Noah was making a beeline for it and we were covered!!  When we arrived we bought them giant lollys!!

…which they loved..although it was too much for them and they both gave up soon after these photo’s!!!

We went over to where the display was and waited for the start.  It was a bit late but when it got going they all loved the fireworks!!!

Caitlin was especially amazed by them and kept making the couple next to us laugh with her “ooo’s” and laughing.

I was amazed to see that the fireworks were all lit by hand!!!!!  Some poor man (maybe woman!!) was wandering around with a light..setting each firework off individually!!!!!!!  Austin loved the fireworks…but somehow despite all the noise about half way through we looked down and saw this….

…he had fallen asleep!!!!!!!!

After the fireworks and the lighting of the bonfire they had a go on a fairground ride….

…and then a turn each of hook the duck (with a guaranteed prize….as tacky as you would expect!!)

…Caitlin chose plastic pink shoes (she really does have a shoe obsession!!!!!!!!!) and Noah picked a truck…(again obsessed!!)

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  1. looks like you guys had fun! You’re pretty brave! We debated going out but I kept thinking of the mud and the cold! In the end chose to go out for a curry instead! A very overpriced curry in CH!!! On Saturday we caught a fantastic fireworks display put on by Cheadle/Kingsway Sports. It went on for over 30 minutes. I kept thinking it was going to end and it just kept going and going! All while nice and toasty in our house! So next year we know where we’re going!

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