Noah’s parents evening

Today was Noah’s parents evening so we met with his teacher just before the end of school.  His school is great…one of us was going to go in while the other watched Austin and picked Noah up…but they offered to watch Austin so he joined in story time!!  And we both went in which was nice.  His teacher had nothing but praise for him…he’s very bright, concentrates really well and is very focussed on tasks.  He is really ahead in his letters, numbers, shapes and writing…although when they were observing him he didn’t know the colour brown!!!!  We’ve asked him and he does know brown (obviously!) so no idea why he didn’t that day!  When they play the letter game apparently it’s aways Noah who remembers what they learnt last time.

He has made lots of friends and gets on well with everyone.  His teacher also commented on how good he is with the special needs children.  There is one who is in a wheel chair (C) and Noah often takes his work over to show him and talk to him which is a really nice thing to hear.  His teacher was especially impressed by this as C doesn’t talk so Noah doesn’t get a conversation by doing this, but he still carries on interacting with him on a regular basis.  Whenever I ask Noah who his friends are he always just says everyone…when I queried this she said she thinks he genuinely is friends with them all!  That’s great except it doesn’t bode well for party invites in a few months!!!!

Amazingly his teacher doesn’t think there are any areas Noah needs to work on…she is just really happy with his progress.  So all in all a fantastic report :-)!!



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2 responses to “Noah’s parents evening

  1. Well done Noah. Would you like to swap children?!

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