Amy’s birthday

It was Amy’s birthday this week so we went over to Nanny’s for a little party for her.  After saying I was going to take more photos my camera battery has run out and I have lost the charger.  I had been using Caitlin’s camera but her batteries have also run out and the charger for them is in the same bag!!!!!  So I was left with my phone camera which I couldn’t get to work in my Mum’s house….

Amy liked her presents that Caitlin and Noah opened for her!!  And they all enjoyed the party food.

When we got home we put our pumpkin outside the front door to attract trick or treaters…we had a couple of groups and Caitlin and Noah loved giving them all some sweets.  Caitlin also thought it was very funny that her dinner lady came around with her kids!!!  When it was bed time we brought our pumpkin in and we didn’t get any more trick or treaters which was good.



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2 responses to “Amy’s birthday

  1. just a photo tip. Don’t place people in front of window/bright light as they’ll almost always be in shadow if you don’t have a flash. Have you tried ebay or amazon for a new battery charger? Of course as soon as you buy a new one you’ll find the lost one.

    • Wouldn’t normally do that..but I had no warning the cake was coming 🙂 Was hoping to find my charger but it’s looking unlikely until the loft is done (entire contents of loft are in the house…have lost a whole bag which has the charger in!)..will get a replacement I think and yeah that will make it turn up!

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