Halloween party

A friend found out the park across the road from us was having a Halloween party so we joined her there.  It is the smallest park ou have ever come across…there are no swings or any play things it is literally just a small area of grass and trees…a bit like a large back garden.  The party was great…there was actually loads to do in a pretty small space!  There was face painting for only £1 and she did a really thorough job…..

…which did mean a fairly big queue but I think it was worth the wait!  After the face painting we did a spooky trail where we had to find the clues in the trees and then Caitlin got a packet of sweets for completing it.  Caitlin then did  pin the wart on the witch, guess the name of the cat and entered a best dressed witch competition…none of which she won but she enjoyed joining in.

Then they played whats the time Mr Wolf with a group of girls the same age.  Austin enjoyed just running around!!


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  1. It’s a lot like Marie Louise Gardens in Didsbury but less maintained. MLG has a pretty “Friends of” society and had been trying to stop the “Lodge” from being sold to a developer so because of that they’ve really taken care of the place. We used to go to MLG all the time to ride our bikes because they had nice paved paths (even though technically they’re was no bike riding) but no one said anything if little ones cycled around. Anyhoo all that to say that I love those type of parks- perfect for picnics, feeding squirrels and playing games. We had a good time and look forward to next years party!

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