Pumpkin carving

I opened the bag that our pumpkins were in to discover that Caitlin’s had completely disintegrated and was oozing out of the bag!  I have no idea why hers had gone off so quickly especially since I picked it for her and I chose one that was still on the vine so in theory as fresh as could be!  There was nothing left of hers to carve so they had to share Noah’s….

So we scooped out the middle and made some soup with it….. and made a lantern out of the shell!

They loved marking out the eye’s and mouth!  We also toasted the seeds but no-one was impressed by them!!!


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  1. looks like they’re having fun. Es held her nose and stuck around just long enough for me to snap a photo and then ran off. Too stinky she said! Little heffer- if is stuck but tasted like cake she’d have stuck around!!

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