Movie night

A friend of mine regularly has movie nights with her kids…they go and buy or rent a DVD, get in some popcorn and snacks and snuggle up to watch the film.  I decided that it was a great idea so we got some popcorn and sweets (and beer for me!!!) and recorded a film on Sky.  I knew Austin wouldn’t sit still for a film as he was too young so we waited until he was in bed and settled down!  Richard was at work…. Noah should have  joined us but as usual he hadn’t eaten his tea in the time I set and the punishment was no movie night!!  I don’t know why I bother really…he doesn’t care at all!!  He has no interest in food and will only eat in under constant persuasion!!  I gave him 1.5 hours and it took him longer.

So Caitlin went and got her blanket and we switched the lights out and pretended we were at the cinema!!  It was actually really good.  The film Caitlin had chosen was fairytopia….can’t say I was that into it but it was good fun just snuggling up having a girly night!!!



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2 responses to “Movie night

  1. movie night sounds like a great idea! Do you think Noah likes the attention he gets during dinner? This is just a thought and I’m sure you’re already doing it as you have the best parenting instincts of anyone I know (well except my sister ; ))but I’m bossy so I’m going to say it anyway… Maybe just set his dinner in front of him and don’t engage with him until the allotted time is over when you take the plate away. If he eats he eats. If he doesn’t he doesn’t. Eventually (hopefully) he’ll get that he needs to eat or he gets nothing. If he’s like Es you’d then have to deal with his moaning he’s hungry a couple of hours later. Don’t know if I could handle sending her to bed hungry. Wondering if that’s what it would take to get him to eat in a timely manner.

    • Oh I have tried EVERYTHING!! Tried the no attention thing (several times!)..he just went 3 days without a single mouthful going in and ended up sick each time and never once says he’s hungry! Have spoken to the health visitor who said there are just some like him who have no interest in eating so to make him..not as in forcing it in but constant encouragement. Occasionally he does eat willingly and I lay on the praise/rewards but it has no effect…school have also tried all of the above with the same results. He did eat once for them and they laid on the praise and were amazed the next day when he just didn’t eat again….. He’s just a fool with no interest in food 🙂 But I do think I should give up on the if you eat you can do this nice thing…because he never gets it and I just get wound up that he’s missing out!

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