Pumpkin picking

Today we went pumpkin picking in the middle of no where!  We set off with plenty of time to spare but then Richard phoned us a few times on the way and a couple of roads were closed which once I’d followed the diversion I was completely lost on my directions and we ended up being half an hour late.  I HATE being late I think it is the worst thing ever, so much so I am usually stupidly early for things to avoid being late.  Since we were late I felt really stressed when we got there and Austin obviously picked up on this and was a complete horror!  He just screamed all the way through the maze and then when we got to the pumpkins he just threw himself on the floor!!!!!

There was a much better choice of pumpkins than at the place we went to last year and Noah found it really hard to choose!  He was fascinated by the mouldy ones and pointed every mouldy one he came across!!  He eventually picked one and I picked Caitlin one…a nice fresh one that was still attached to the vine!

After we had picked our pumpkins we went and had our picnic and a play on the bouncy castle which cheered Austin up!

There was also a big selection of really cheap activities to do like colouring, mask making, necklace making etc all for 20p or 50p….it was great!  So we did a few of those and then it was time to head off home.  We followed Linda with her satnav on the way home which was good because even with that we went wrong so without it I think I might still be driving around now!!!!


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  1. That road closure really stressed me out- it didn’t have the diversion on my satnav which is why I went wrong! Then my radio was on and a old car horn was blowing on it- don’t know why. I kept thinking you were honking at me- making me even more stressed. I kept looking back wondering if you wanted me to pull over. Figured out it was the radio after a minute of so. LOL

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