London for a Christening

On Saturday we headed off to London (well not quite London…but since I’m a Northerner it’s London to me!!) for cousin R’s Christening/Baptism.  Me and Richard were Godparents along with Brian’s nephew.  We set off and after about 5 miles Caitlin threw up!!!!!  She is never sick so it was really odd.  We had spare clothes so we got her changed and carried on in the hope she was ok.  As soon as we set back off she was all chirpy and full of life so being sick must have sorted her out.  We arrived mid afternoon and went to the park for a bit of a run around….

Then it was time for tea and bed ready for Sunday.

On the Sunday we all headed off to the church for the Baptism.  Caitlin was very pleased with her new dress….

After the service we went back to their house for some drinks.  A few of their friends were there who all had little children so they all had lots of people to play with.

On the Monday we went to a local farm which was good.  There was loads to do, an area with little tractors and ride ons….

….animals to hold….

…animals to look at…

…animals to feed….

…2 massive play areas with big climbing things and lots to do, we played in one of them but ran out of time for the second one.  There was a big sand area with a crane to hoist sand to the top.  We walked around the fields with the animals in….

It was a shame the feeding was down big drain pipes…it would have been nicer to actually get to feed the animals rather than posting their food down to them but we all had a great day…..

…then it was time for the long drive home.


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