100 years!

At 20:10 on 20/10/2010….was the 100 year celebration for the Guiding Association.  Since she now goes to Rainbows Caitlin was invited to the celebration, so I signed her up.  After I had signed her up I realised she would be going out at night with people I had never met…and to a park/woodland!!!!!  It felt very strange and I did worry that she was going to get swept up in the excitement and forget who she was with and get lost in the woods!!

Once I dropped her off I realised it was really well organised and her designated adult only had one other to look after.  From what Caitlin said she had a great time…she did alsorts…hoola hooping, games, singing..but her highlight of the night was seeing herself on the big screen!  She was completely amazed by that!  Her hand was covered in stamps which she apparently got for joining in all the activities.  She had a glow in the dark set of ears and got a metal badge to celebrate the 100 years.  It was gone 9pm by the time she got out of the park and she was totally exhausted!  She was talking no sense at all she was so tired!  But we did get that she had had a brilliant time!!!


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