Blackpool Illuminations

Today we went to Blackpool Illuminations.  I used to go every year when I was little so I love going!  We decided to get the train but we really should have checked this out first…it turned out there was a football match on at the same time we were travelling.  We arrived at Manchester and it seemed a bit busy but the train to Blackpool quite often is at this time of year…then we noticed some police…then hundreds of Stoke fans piled onto the platform all singing and drinking!  There was a vicar who was complaining to the police to do something!  In all fairness to the football fans they were only singing so the police couldn’t really do anything…  We squashed onto the train (just) and all plans for a nice table seat with our packed lunch and some colouring went out of the window!  Two hours later we arrived in Blackpool and made our way to the seafront.

We played in the arcades for bit and won some cars and keyrings!!!!  Then we wandered down the front nad went into a few pound shops!  Caitlin and Noah both had a pound from Nan for the next time they went to one so they spent those…a car for Noah (of course) and pink dressing up shoes for Caitlin (of course!!)  They love going to the pound shop and it is great…you can give them £1 and they have complete free rein as to what to buy as EVERYTHING is in their budget….so no saying no!  Blackpool has fantastic pound shops!!  Way better than Manchester!!!!!  We also bought some glow sticks for later on.

They had a play on the beach and then some more photo’s with the tower from the other side of it!….

and another!!

and then a go on some fairground rides on the pier.  It was starting to get cold and late so we headed off for our chippy tea…  It was then time for the lights…….

They seemed impressed by them all and were especially impressed when one of the trams came past all lit up as a steam train…but I didn’t have my camera out for that one!  Later on another decorated tram came past so I tried to get a photo of that!  Noah was not impressed I made him stand on a tram track…(there were no trams coming and the other one was parked up!!!!)…he is very road conscious!!!!

We then got the train home while they all slept!!!!!!!


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  1. looks like fun! Much nicer than the time we went! Love Caitlin’s Uggs!

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