Animal party

Today was Caitlin’s first party invite from her new school…from the oldest boy in the class.  He was having an animal party which went down very well with all the kids.  He hadn’t invited the whole class and it was so much calmer than Caitlin’s party.  The “animal man” had brought lots of different animals which they all got a turn to hold….

…the frog was real but it looked like it was made of plastic!!  She also held a snake, lizard, preying mantis and a giant snail….



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2 responses to “Animal party

  1. I did think the frog looked fake! Love her sparkly tights. Will have to remember “animal man” as possible party theme. Es wants a bouncy castle at her party as we went to one this summer with a bouncy castle in the back garden.

  2. Animals sounds like great fun.

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