Tired????  They are far from tired when they get home from school!!  They are completely hyper!  I think Austin misses them while they are gone and so it gets a bit crazy at home time….

..tonight they were running back and forth in the living room…(not a very long run but they didn’t seem to care!)  Austin can say ready, steady, go and so he was getting very excited saying that while they all ran across the room!!

They didn’t always manage to go at the same/right time….

This is Noah most of the time….all dolled up with beads, bracelets and often a headband!!!!!!!!!!!



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3 responses to “Ready…steady…GOOOOO!!!!

  1. WOW first time I’ve seen your livingroom! LOL when are you going to show me around the house?? Just realized I haven’t had the tour!

  2. Ha…no tours at the mo…Rich has just emptied the loft and I have empited a massive cupboard in prep for loft conversion so it looks like we have had an explosion!!!!!!! We best get permission now!!

  3. Love the photos. Like the look of the storage thing across the wall. Can’t think what to call it – not a cupboard, unit?

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