Caitlin is a Rainbow!

I didn’t think we had a place at Rainbows but with a days notice we got a call saying she could start!  One of her friends goes so we accepted and off she went.  She had a great time….played catch, did some singing and the lady told her she was very pretty!!!

Today was week 2 and when we got there Lucy wasn’t there…Caitlin went all shy and wanted me to wait which I did.  After 10 minutes Lucy didn’t show so we agreed I could leave after I had introduced her to some other girls.  When I went to collect her Lucy had arrived and Caitlin had had another great evening!  She had done some colouring and also some preparations for the 100 year celebrations that we will go to soon.

I forgot to take her photo in her uniform…which is ridiculously massive!!!!  I wanted one that would last the whole 2 years she will go but even though I tried it on I think I got it wrong…never mind!  I’ll get a picture soon!



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3 responses to “Caitlin is a Rainbow!

  1. Ooh you changed your blog! Looks nice. Glad Caitlin got her place. LOL on getting a too big uniform, sounds like something I would do. I’ve been very slack and haven’t even put Es on the waiting list! Bad bad mama! We did get her into the local dance school and they pick her up straight from school on Mondays-yay!

  2. Pick her up from school!!!!!!! Wow that is good!!!!!!!

  3. P.S. Yes gone all Christmassy!!!!!! Thought it was about time I put a bit of effort in!! PC has moved and is very uncomfy to sit at!

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