Caitlin has started to learn to read at school.  She now gets a book 3 times a week which we read with her.  To begin with she has books with no words…it seems very odd but apparently the way they all do it.  She has to look at the pictures and make up the story with as much detail as she can, which she seems to enjoy doing.  After we have read it we write in her diary to say how she has found it.

Since she has a book bag and homework I assumed she must have been allocated her fruit group…so I asked her which one she was in….she replied kiwis and said no-one else was in kiwis with her which I thought was odd.  The next day I asked again just to confirm the information and see if anyone had joined her??  This time she replied….grapes!  The next day I asked again to see if we could get some consistency and she said I had fresh fruit salad for my pudding of course!!  (She always has fresh fruit salad as inevitably the other choice for pudding has milk in!!!!!…hence the “of course”)  I see I said!!!  So which group are you in for reading and writing???????  Oh strawberries she replied!!!  I still haven’t figured out who else is in her group but it’s not her best friend…she is an apple!!!


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  1. All that fruitiness made me laugh.

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