Caitlin’s party!!!!!!!!!

It’s a few weeks after Caitlin’s birthday but we’d delayed her party so that she could invite her new school friends.  Since we didn’t know anyone at school (apart from her best friend) it was either invite them all or none….so we went with all!  That made 29 invites!!!!!!  She also invited some of her old friends and of course Noah and Austin….that made a lot of 5’ish year olds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We had it in a church hall near to our house.  It was a lovely big room, and before we went my Mum had jokingly said someone would be sick!  Sure enough after the first game…someone was sick!!!!!  I so can not do sick but luckily a few people helped out and I just had the easy task of making sure someone was dealing with it!!  (Thank you Linda and Lou!)  The whole party was very chaotic!!!!  We played lots of games but it was really hard keeping the attention of over 36 kids (we had 36 people accept their invite but we also had a few people bring extras!) especially once they were out of that particular game.  The noise also wasn’t helped by the 30’ish adults we had!!!!!!!!  It was so chaotic I only took 3 photo’s…and only 1 was good!!

There were also complaints (from someone who wasn’t even invited!!!!!!!) that they hadn’t won a game…..OF COURSE they didn’t win I made sure a winner was someone we’d actually invited!!  There were a few kids who wouldn’t stop fighting….  It was chaos and never ever again!!! :-)!!  It’s a good job Caitlin loved it!


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  1. Bloody hell – I wouldn’t dream of going if not invited or taking extra guests. Some people!

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