Another visitor….

On Friday Nan arrived!!!  She was staying in Austin’s room and Caitlin and Noah were very excited that Austin would be having 3 sleepover’s in their room!  Nan arrived just before school pick up which meant she could watch Austin while I ran around collecting Caitlin and Noah which made it a lot easier!  After school the kids played with Nan while I finished off the party bags for Caitlin’s birthday party.

On the Saturday it was ballet and Nan did loads of clearing in the front garden.  Then Richard and his Mum (Nan!) looked after the kids while I made the fairy cakes and birthday cake.  While they were doing that I heard Noah shouting for help…I assumed they were dealing with him as it all went quiet.  After I had made the cakes I went upstairs and found this………..

Yes!!!!!!!  Noah asleep on the loo!!!!!!!!!  He had got so bored waiting for help that he gave up and fell asleep!!!

Sunday was the party but I will post about that separately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And on Monday Nan had to head home…..


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2 responses to “Another visitor….

  1. I am soooo glad you took a photo of that!!

  2. Poor Noah being abandoned. I had a lady at work who got stuck on a toilet overnight and developed grade 2/3 pressure sores – ouch.
    Love the photo with Nan.

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