Some visitors and Austin is possessed!!

This week we have had some visitors….Grandma and Grandad from France.  Caitlin and Noah were really excited to see them, but Austin seems to have been possessed by the devil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He has decided to screech and scream and hit and bite and pinch and he is generally being horrible!!!!!!!  I’m hoping he is getting sick or something??!!

After school we went to the pub where Grandma and Grandad were staying for a meal and we bumped into Noah’s teacher which he thought was very funny!  We managed to get our main course but Austin was being too much of a horror to stay for dessert so we went back to ours.  Grandma and Grandad haven’t seen our new house yet so we gave them a tour although it was a bit dark for it really, and then we put Austin to bed and he was asleep before we shut the door…..very very tired!!

The next night we were supposed to be going out for tea again but the real Austin still hadn’t returned so we made a last-minute decision to stay in!!!!  Grandma and Grandad has presents for the kids which couldn’t have been more perfect…they were both very impressed with theirs, and Austin liked everyone’s too!

(I really must start taking photo’s again!! I keep forgetting and my posts are very boring without them!!)

Then it was time to say goodbye as they were off the next morning!!  Very strangely…Austin soon returned to normal, he wasn’t ill so I have no idea what was wrong with him???!!!!!!!!!


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