Coolio…or NOT!!!!!!!

Today we were supposed to be going to a family fun day where the star of the show…apart from Bob the builder and some others…was Coolio!!!!!  I was very excited as I use to really like Coolio.  With about a weeks notice and after he had re-discovered fame through an appearance on Big Brother…Coolio decided he would be able to charge much more for an appearance and so he cancelled our event!!!!!!!!!  Worried that he was the main attraction and the lack of him would cause too many complaints the whole thing was cancelled!!  Much as I was looking forward to Coolio I still think it would have been good without him!!  We were going with some friends so decided to do something else anyway.  We planned for a walk around the lake but the rain stopped that and so we took bikes to a little road set up in a park….

…it was a bit drizzly but we cycled around for a while before it got a bit heavier and we had to give up!!

Then we went for a pub tea which seemed to take us ages…we just sat about talking and before we knew it it was bedtime!!



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2 responses to “Coolio…or NOT!!!!!!!

  1. never would have pegged you as a Coolio fan! Glad you had a good day regardless!

  2. Sounds like a good day out

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