A year since Austin was Christened

A while back we got a letter from the priest inviting us to the yearly Christening anniversary celebration.  It was for all the children who had been Christened in the past year and happened to be roughly a year since Austin had been Christened.  We figured we really should go even though church really isn’t compatible with 3 young kids!!!  When we arrived there were about 10 other families all with at least one child about a year old….I jokingly said it’s going to be like a competition for who has the loudest baby/toddler………..we won hands down!!!!!!!  Austin is so loud…he shouts all the time.  He had my Mum in hysterics because he kept shouting “yeah, yeah, yeah” every time the priest paused!  He also wanted to run around which obviously he couldn’t so it was all a bit of a nightmare, but it was a lovely idea!!


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