End of week 1 at school

Caitlin’s first week has gone really well.  She loves school and has been a bit disappointed that she only gets to go in the afternoon and not all day!!!  She has even had her “helping hand” put on the tree for helping someone to find something!!

On Saturday it was time for ballet again so off she went and really enjoyed that too.  This week she spotted a boy from her class there too and so was very happy she knew someone.  When we got home I told her to go and get changed before having her dinner.  She wandered off asking if she could wear her blue dress….I shouted yes, then thought it was strange she’s pick her blue dress over her millions of pink ones!!!!!  I then twigged that she meant her school dress!  So I went up and said she couldn’t wear her school dress as she wasn’t going to school.  It had completely escaped me to explain that there was no school at the weekends!!!!!!!!!!  This realisation prompted LOTS of tears!!!  She really really does love school!

Sunday was more swimming and Richard came too so Austin got to swim.  Their new teacher has completely mis-read Caitlin and poured water over her head as a surprise and this made Caitlin cry for the whole of the rest of the lesson…..  I hope she’s a bit gentler on her next time.


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