First day at school

Finally….Caitlin’s first day of school arrived!!  I think because she is the oldest in the class it really seems like she should be at school.  All of her friends that we met when she was born went off to school last year so I didn’t have the same dread that everyone else had.  Also she has been at nursery full-time for a year and part-time for 2 terms before that.

Richard had the day off for her first day and the sun was shining so we all went together.  First off was the compulsory photo….

Caitlin has been looking forward to going to big school and so was very excited to put on her uniform and get going!!

…so excited she decided to look like a penguin!!!!!!!  Just before we set off there was time for a photo of all of them….

As usual it was nearly impossible so we gave up and walked to school!  When we got to the playground there was just time for one last photo…

…then she spotted her friend from nursery and that was the last we saw of her!  She ran around with her and then ran straight in the door as soon as it was opened!  I think she is going to like school!!

We went for a drink while she was there for a pathetic 1.5hrs!!!!  Then came back to an even more excited Caitlin!!!!!!  She had had a great time, played with play doh and done some colouring.  Then after a gorgeous sunny day it was sudden thunder storms and torrential rain…so we walked home getting soaked along the way!!!  We then went out bowling and for some tea….

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  1. It’s so great that she loves school- long may it last!! I can’t believe how big Noah looks.

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