Holiday part 4

Near to where we were staying was Holy Island which you can drive to when the tide is right.  We liked the sound of driving in the sea so we went on the Friday!!  There was the old abbey there….

Very strangely there was a little boy practising his archery skills in the grave yard!!!!!  A bit disrespectfully we thought which prompted a big conversation about what/who was in the graves!!! 

After walking around the abbey we walked down towards the beach to eat our picnic…

…and check out the boat sheds…

It then started to look like it was going to throw it down with rain so we set off to the caravan..and sure enough we only just made it back to the mainland before torrential rain started!!

Throughout the week we also used the pool a bit which was nice and quiet, but no photography allowed!!!

On the Saturday we headed home via a pub lunch with Richards friend in Morecambe…..


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  1. Morecambe! I keep seeing programs about it on telly and really need to go for a visit. Hopefully it won’t be like my Blackpool experience!

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