East Links Park – holiday part 3

A friend had told us to visit East Links park while we were up that way so on the Thursday we went.  It was dry which was good but a bit cold.  I wasn’t too sure what to expect from the park, it sounded really good on the internet but sometimes these places sound like there is loads to do but when you get there it’s not that good.  We arrived just at opening time and straight away Noah spotted some ride on tractors so we had a go on those….

As it was term time in Scotland it was pretty quiet.  Next we went on the trampolines and a giant jelly belly which was kind of like a bouncy castle with no walls….  Then we went into the giant castle play area.  There were 2 ways up to the top, along a wooden sloping walkway or up a rope bridge type walkway!  It went quite high and led to a giant slide.

…that’s Caitlin right at the top!  Underneath the rope area there was a rat run!!  Lots of tunnels all around the edges…..

From the top we spotted some pedal go-karts which Noah really liked the look of so we went over that way.  On the way we noticed the train was about to set off so we had a quick go on that which meant we could see everything and work out what to see next.  We had promised the go-karts so we went there…

…this was definitely Noah’s favourite part and he refused to get off he loved them so much.  So he stayed there while Caitlin and Austin went over to the play area….

It was then time for some lunch and straight after that Noah wanted to go back on the go-karts!!  They sold them in the shop, it’s a shame we don’t have more room!!!!

We decided to see some of the other bits before going back on the go-karts, so we walked around and fed the animals…

There were some go-karts for 4 people so we took 2 of those out and had a bit of a race before me and Richard got worn out and we had to come back!!  We walked around the maze, tried out the indoor soft play and climbing wall….

…and of course had another go on the go-karts!!!!!!!  Then there was just time for a walk around the small animals and an ice-cream before we had to set off.  There was tonnes to do there, it completely filled our day! 

In the evening we played in the arcade again…

…and played bingo!!!!!!


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