Holiday part 2….

Monday was rainy…..  We were amazed at how nice the weather had been on Sunday so when it rained on Monday we weren’t surprised!!  We decided to brave the rain and go and visit Bamburgh Castle.

It was a really big castle and quite a lot of it was inside so although we got pretty wet it wasn’t too bad and it wasn’t cold which always makes rain a bit more bearable…

When we got back to the caravan we decided since we were already wet they could go made in the puddles!!!  So we sat inside and watched Caitlin and Noah from the window!!

They had a great time and we had to drag them in shivering and filthy ready for a bath and bed!!

Tuesday was also forecast to be rain so we went to Scotland (Edinburgh) for the day.  Where we were staying was only about a mile away from the Scottish border!  Caitlin and Noah were fascinated by the fact we were driving to a different country and we didn’t have to go on a plane or train under the water!!  We struggled with what to do in Edinburgh as there was tonnes of things in the guide and we had no idea which were any good!  Just as forecast it was raining so we went into the art gallery while we decided what to do.  In Manchester the art gallery is really child friendly with loads for them to do but when we asked the woman on the door she just laughed at us and said there was nothing for children!!  And she was right!  As soon as we came out of the gallery Caitlin managed to skid in a puddle on a grass area and was covered head to toe in mud and was soaked!!!!!!  So then we spent about an hour getting her a replacement outfit!!!  It’s really hard to find the shopping area of Edinburgh…the next was tiny and rubbish!!  Then we headed up to the monuments (which were right at the top of a hill) where we got a great view of Edinburgh…

 ..and a few photo’s…

…..we then headed back down the hill…

It was getting quite late so we decided to go to a science museum which was in the old part of the town.  We should have gone there earlier because there was loads going on, lots of street entertainment and better shops!!!

This man jumped off his box and scared Noah half to death!  Ever since he has been convinced the sword man is coming to get him!!!!  We also went to a toy museum and then for some tea.  By then it was quite late and we went back to the caravan with 3 sleeping children!

On Wednesday we went back to Bamburgh beach but it wasn’t as warm so we didn’t stay for too long but they still loved playing in the sand.  Later on we gave Caitlin and Noah some money to spend in the arcades at the holiday park.  They tried to win a peppa pig and a spikey woo from the grab machines but they are a con and impossible and so we persuaded them to play the 2p drop machines!  Noah won 2 cars (and a lot of 2p’s – and also spent a lot of 2p’s!!) and Caitlin won a sparkly box!!!!!!!  We then went to watch the evening entertainment!!!

They all loved it!! It was very cheesy and Noah was right at the front of the stage joining in!!


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