Our holiday in a caravan! (part 1)

After months of dithering about where we were going we finally booked somewhere the day before we were leaving!  We decided against going abroad incase we got stranded by the air strikes and we missed out on the ferry crossings because we waited too long!  So we ended up on a caravan park!!  We paid extra to have a new caravan in the hope it wouldn’t be too scruffy and horrible!  When we arrived the caravan was pretty nice and new, and clean….  It had 3 bedrooms….they were tiny, you could barely walk down the side of the bed but it was clean so it was ok!

On the Sunday we drove to Bamburgh because someone had told us the beach there was really nice and it was gorgeous!!!  Really soft sand and it was singing sand!!  Thats sand that squeaks as you shuffle your feet through it!!

And the weather was fantastic!!!!!!  We’d gone armed with jumpers and rain coats assuming it would rain and be freezing but it was actually really hot.

We hadn’t taken a picnic so we had to leave once Austin started to get hungry but they loved playing in the sand and paddling in the sea.

After we left the beach we drove a bit further along the coast to Seahouses for a chippy lunch.  That seemed to be all there was to see there so we left and went back to the caravan via a supermarket shop!!

Austin was really funny in the caravan!  He seemed to be really struggling with the size of it, he kept crashing into the walls….he’d take a few steps hit the wall, turn around and immediately hit the opposite wall!!


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