Our busy week

On Sunday 15th we went to Drayton Manor park for the day with Nanny, Amy and Tina.  It’s a really great place for little ones, loads of rides for them and also still quite a few for adults.  There were a few rides Noah wasn’t quite big enough for so we missed them out but there was still more to see than we had time for!

Most rides were even ok for Austin as long as we went on with him.  He must be a real daredevil because he was loving all the slightly scary rides!  There was a rollercoaster type ride which went out over the lake and since Austin was allowed on it I persuaded Nanny to go too….it was a bit much for her but Austin thought it was great and was shouting ‘gain, ‘gain when we got off!!!  I have to say it was pretty fast and you weren’t held in very well so I’m not convinced it really was suitable for 1 year olds!!  There is a whole section devoted to Thomas the Tank which was good…

…a dinosaur trail….

…a zoo, a boat ride (which we didn’t have time for) and lots of rides we didn’t get chance to try!  We were there for almost 8 hours!!  They were exhausted but loved it!

On the Monday we went over to Nanny’s and I went out to look for garden furniture for our progressing garden (photo’s to follow when the rain stops!!!!!!) but I didn’t find any!

On the Tuesday we went to the museum of museums!!!  And yes it really was as strange a place as it’s name suggests!!! It’s not finished yet so it was free, which was good because if we’d paid we would have been upset!

There was a mini there but I didn’t get a decent picture of them with it!  It kept it busy for a while on a very rainy day but I don’t think the kids were overly impressed with it!!!  And we wouldn’t go back…even while it is free!

Wednesday was a trip to the park while the rain stopped for the morning!!  In the afternoon we had to be home for someone to come and quote us for a loft conversion.  We’ve decided to go ahead so fingers crossed the job’s worth’s at the council take pity on our exploding house and let us have an extra bedroom in our loft!!

Thursday was a trip to a further afield park but my photos are on my phone so I’ll add those later!  We had to cut our trip short to come home and watch the paint dry on our doors!!!!!! 

Friday we met up with Caitlin’s best friend from school.  It was raining yet again and so we just went to a soft play.  Noah was a bit disappointed that his friends from school weren’t there but they all had a good time!  We then got home and finally booked a holiday…which meant we then ran around like lunatics packing for the rest of the day!!!


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