Final swimming lesson

Today was the final lesson in their crash course of swimming.  They are so much more confident in the water now it is great.  Although really we should have done it after our holiday as their fear of the water is normally a pretty good safety feature in that they would never fall in!!!  They are also booked in for weekly lessons on Sundays from September. I really wanted weekday lessons but to do that meant they would be on separate days.

At the end of the lesson today I was expecting a certificate to say they had attended but they got an award!!!!!!

I can’t really figure out what it is for but it is the puffin award….

I am also not 100% convinced they have legitimately earned it which if not is very annoying (a bit like the prize in every layer of the pass the parcel thing!!!!!!) but they loved getting it!  Now we need to figure out where to sew their badges!!

While I had my camera out I took a photo of the 3 of them!  I have given up trying to get a decent photo of all 3…it is completely impossible, but this is a good try!!


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