A spot of rain!!

I am on garden watering duty, but given today’s downpour I don’t think I am needed!!!!!!  This is the road to our house……

I think the water came right up to where Caitlin and Noah are stood while it was raining as there is a line of leaves and wash up there!  We had to take a massive diversion to get home, but Caitlin and Noah loved seeing the flood!  According to the BBC our area was the worst hit today…  I can’t believe how heavily it was raining it was ridiculous, with hail and loads of thunder and lightening….wish our summer would arrive before the schools go back!



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2 responses to “A spot of rain!!

  1. OMG God wait! Did you just make reference to the BBC??? Did you listen/watch the news??? LOL I didn’t think you did that! Our road was fine so I’m pretty amazed at all the photos I’m seeing pop up on FB.

  2. I did make reference to the BBC!!!!!!!!!! Nah I didn’t watch the news but Rich said on the radio it had said about cars floating down a nearby road so I looked it up in the hope of a scary video to post…but no pics….

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