Swimming lesson number 2

They were both very excited to go back to their swimming lessons today which was good.  They were still with the same teachers and I assume they’ll just stay put until the end.  They seem to be split into 2 groups of five with the younger ones in one group and the older ones in the other.  Noah’s group seems to play a bit more whereas Caitlin’s is a bit more swimming based.  In the pool there are a few floating islands that they “swim” across to (with the teacher holding them up!) and they stay there while someone else gets swum across.  They also have some water toys to play with while they wait which is good as it stops them getting bored.

Here’s a sneaky photo I took…sure I would get banned for life for it but it’s so far away you can barely tell there is a lesson going on never mind who it is!!  They haven’t floated their islands out in that one either…..

Roll on tomorrows lesson!!!


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  1. LOL I took a sneaky pic once too and had to crop it like mad so you can tell it was Squidge swimming! It’s pretty cool how quickly they advance, by the time our week was up Squidge was able to do a quick (about 5 meters) doggy paddle!

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