Swimming lesson number 1

This week Caitlin and Noah are booked in for a crash course of swimming lessons.  We go for half an hour every morning all week.  I was a bit worried as Noah has only ever been swimming on holiday when he was 4 months old, again on holiday at 15 months and then twice more about a year ago!!  Also he is at the very youngest of the age range on the course so I thought he might struggle.  They both loved it!!  Today was focussing on getting them confident in the water and was mainly splashing about, jumping in and putting their heads in the water.  We had a practise in the bath tonight as well, but they loved it and Noah is really happy to put his whole face in.

I also discovered they do weekly lessons there from age 3 so I’m hoping to sign them both up for weekly lessons from September.


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  1. Glad they enjoyed it and that you’ve signed them up for lessons. I don’t know why Cheadle Pool makes them wait until they’re 4 (actually closer to 5 once they get passed the waiting list). Es started at MAC at 3 too.

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