Off to the cinema…

Today we were meant to be meeting a friend but they couldn’t make it so I decided to go to the movies for juniors.  You pay for the child and you get one adult free with each….  So I thought I’d pay for Noah and Caitlin and Austin being a baby would go free and so would I!!  When I got there the man asked who the tickets were for so I pointed at Caitlin and Noah and he said – oh you don’t pay for under 3’s so that’ll be £2.45!!  Bargain I thought…we’ll be doing this often!!  Even if we had to pay for Noah it would have been a good deal.  We lasted about 45 minutes before Austin decided to choke on a piece of popcorn!!!  I’m really calm with choking I knew he was going to be ok…the poor woman in front nearly had a nervous breakdown!!!!!  He was fine…but then boredom set in…he was tired but too interested to fall asleep so just got grumpy and screamed!!  So we had to leave with about 15 minutes to go….good job it was such a bargain!!!!!!!!  We might try it again….we’ll see!!  Maybe Austin is going through his “not suitable for cinema” age!!

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  1. LOL you know me and choking- I would have had poor Austin upside down by the ankles while beating his back! ooh you’re going to have to tell me where you went- we went to the cinema w/ Es a couple of weeks ago and it cost us a fortune.

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