Party time central again!!

Why is it that every time we get party invites we get a few at once??  We had a party straight after school, which meant we had to leave the fun afternoon a bit early.  We made it on time though so that was good.  They had a great time and Austin just played on all the equipment without even a backward glance to us!!  He loved the party food….

After that and the school party they were all really tired!

In the morning it was time for another party but just for Caitlin this time.  It was one of her best friends from school, who is going to a different school so they probably won’t see much of each other in the future.  Her party was great, they had loads of games and Caitlin won the pass the parcel and the pin the horn on the unicorn – which she got spot on!!  She’s only played that game twice and she has got it spot on both times….sure she has x-ray vision or something??!!


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