Last day at school….

Today was Caitlin’s last day at pre-school.  She has been there for 5 terms so it’s going to seem strange her not going there in September.  She has absolutely loved it and has changed so much in her time there, she is so much more confident now.  As a leaving present for the teachers Caitlin drew a picture of each teacher and I scanned it in and turned it into a notepad…..

The teachers seemed quite pleased with them so that was good.  In the morning there was a presentation assembly where they all got a record of achievement and the children who are staying get a certificate.  Last year Caitlin wouldn’t get up to collect her certificate, this year she got up and gave us a great big smile!!!

Noah, of course, bounded up to collect his certificate……

In the afternoon there was a fun afternoon with entertainers, he got most of the kids up and joining in and even amazed me by convincing Caitlin and her friend to get up!!  There are very few girls in the nursery and Caitlin and her friend were the only girls at the fun afternoon so they got picked to go up twice.  They are both quite shy but he got them up and speaking!!  He also got some kids up to sing and Noah sang humpty dumpty!!!!  Video to follow!!!!!!

They had a great day but we had to rush off at the end as we had a party to go to!!  When I asked Caitlin if she was sad to leave she said “yes, but she was happy to be going to big school because she likes school!!”…so hopefully that’s a good sign……

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