Let the chaos begin…..

This morning a 4 year old and a 6 year old arrived for the day….  It was raining so my trip to the park was ruined!!  So we worked through my back up plans…a lot quicker than I thought we would!  It’s weird…Caitlin will colour or thread beads for hours…I didn’t realise how good her attention span was.  All of the others were done in 20 mins!  So we made spoon monsters….

…we made bracelets…we read….we ate snacks…we ate lunch….we coloured…we did stamping….we played happy families….we played snap….we ate kenaws….

….(thats a fruit kebab to the rest of us but Caitlin insists on calling them kenaws!!!!!!!)

Then we were joined by another 4 year old…and we moved onto playing monsters..but that was too scary so we played musical instruments!!  It was very very loud with 6 people joining in…..at that point I was glad to lose 2 of them!!!!!!!  The rest had tea and then stories before bed.  And sleep only took an hour and 15 minutes which I thought was fantastic for 3 excited little ones! (Austin went straight to sleep he was exhausted!!)  Tomorrow I am taking the easy option and taking Noah, Austin and their friend to playgroup!!!!  I’m knackered but have had a great day!!


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  1. thank you so much for watching my 4 y/o!!

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