Fastest mini in the world competition!!!

Caitlin, Noah and Austin have been to Nanny and Grandad’s for the weekend.  They went to the yellow submarine and had a great time..while me and Richard went to Avon Park where the fastest mini in the world competition was being held.  We go most years, it is my one night of camping!!!  Sometimes I even race (not that I have any chance of winning..there are some very fast minis there!) but I didn’t this year since we don’t really have the time to fix Elvis if he breaks….

Marc raced…

I’m sure that blue mini is a monster coming up to eat him!!!!!!  They are quick mini’s but they really haven’t put any effort into making them look nice!  Along with the minis were some Fiat Abarth’s….

I really like them….I think when we win the lottery I’ll get one…along with a beetle, camper, giant house…etc!!!!!!!!!!!

The fastest mini on the day did a quarter-mile in 9.99 seconds so pretty quick!!!!!!!


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