School induction day

Today CBeebies went to Caitlin and Noah’s school to do a casting for a new preschool program, I signed the consent forms but realistically Caitlin would never be brave enough!  I told Caitlin all about it to prepare her and all she said was “how will I get back out of the tele?” which I thought was very funny!!  We weren’t sure when they would be there but it turned out to be the afternoon and Caitlin had already left to go to an induction afternoon at her new school….so no fame for Caitlin, we’ll have to wait and see if Noah caught their eye!

Caitlin went into her new school with no trouble and had a great afternoon.  She was looked after by a little girl called Megan and she did some painting and stencilling.  She was a bit disappointed that she didn’t see her friend that is already in reception but he was being introduced to year 1 class.  She did get a sticker that smelt of jelly beans which she was very impressed with!!!  We met another girl who she’ll be with next year and we’re arranging to meet up with her and Caitlin’s best friend who’s also going to be at the school.


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