8 month check up……

…it was only 5.5 months late but Austin finally got his 8 month check up!!  She weighed and measured him and I think he is following in Noah’s footsteps as his growth has really slowed down.  Austin is now 74.5cm tall, his head is 48.5cm and he weighs 22lb 10oz.  He passed all of the questions / tasks she set for him, but then he is a good 5 months over the age they are assessing so really it’s no wonder!! 

Straight after school me and Caitlin went to see a podiatrist about her feet as she turns one foot in when she walks. He asked if she fell over a lot but surprisingly she doesn’t, but I’m not sure if that has more to do with the fact she is very cautious rather than not clumsy….  Anyway it’s her left foot she turns in.  This is due to the leg bone being slightly bent and apparently it is always the left due to how babies lie in the womb and probably the fact she was a very long baby played a part and her leg will naturally straighten by the time she is 6 and a half…….  So we shall see!!

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  1. Hope it straightens out! Squidge is ALWAYS falling over- you should see her at the moment- bruises all over her legs, scabby elbows, arms, knees, ankle, side (under her arm) LOL she’s a mess!

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