Austin and the hill billy outing!!

This morning we realised the remains of my old mini had been left behind at the old house…..  This mini is really special to me as it is all that is left of my 21st birthday present..  The original GOA was my 21st birthday present from my Mum and Dad.  I adored that mini (my first one) and I poured money into it….just simple things that I could do myself like stereo, carpets, steering wheel, alloys etc etc  One day on my way home from work I crashed and killed my car…in a completely irretrievable way..the engine was in the passenger footwell and I was lucky to be alive, never mind alive with virtually no injuries!!!!!!!!

I had to buy a new mini but in an attempt to keep the memory of GOA alive I transferred my number plates and also a few bits and pieces from the wreckage.  GOA 2 died a rusty death and so GOA 3 was born and turned into a convertible and I departed from my British racing green paint scheme….

When we decided to start a family GOA 3 had to go…  He really wouldn’t have been safe in a crash and if I was going to have little people dependant on me I needed to make sure they were safe and also that I would be around for them as well!!  So GOA3 became a BBQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Soooo on my way to play group I realised I NEEDED to go and rescue my BBQ and the only way to do this was to hook up my mini trailer!  Poor Austin was with me and so he was roped into the mission!  I’ve never driven with a trailer before but I just made sure I didn’t need to do any reversing and it was simple!  When I got to the old house no-one was there…..  So I decided to let myself in through next door’s garden and I quickly swiped GOA!  I had a bit of trouble getting it into the trailer but I managed!!  I’m sure I looked like a complete hill billy driving around in a mini towing half a mini with a rusty third of a mini sticking out the top of it…..



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2 responses to “Austin and the hill billy outing!!

  1. LOL you’re a nutter! Did you have the mission impossible theme song in your head while you were sneaking in to get it??

  2. Mancais

    Good job nobody saw you and phoned the police.

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