Bowling party

After school today we went to a bowling party.  Unfortunately there was a truck on fire on the motorway so even though we started off on target to be over 30 mins early the last 7 miles took us over an hour and so we were a bit late and we missed the first turn but they had a spare turn at the end so it was ok!  Austin thought it was hilarious to run down the lane and found it even funnier when Abigail stopped him.

After the game they went to the party room for tea and ice-cream where Austin pinched some of Caitlin’s chips….

Then it was time to head home and to bed, but not before the parties caught up with Caitlin and she sat in the bathroom crying with tummy ache……..  Just as I think she is getting better with her milk she shows me she is but not that much!!  It was a lot easier when she could have none….



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2 responses to “Bowling party

  1. poor thing! She is doing so much better I mean really 4 parties in as many days and only on the last day does her tummy rebel! I think I’d have a tummy ache after all that cake… OK that last bit was a lie- I’d love cake 4 days running!

  2. Mancais

    Poor Caitlin. Hopefully she’ll be like my friend’s daughter who was suddenly able to eat all the foods she had previously spent years avoiding.

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