Busy weekend!!

This weekend has been very busy!  Friday was Richards birthday, we were supposed to be going to a BBQ so I bought a big chocolate birthday cake and a cake suitable for Caitlin, enough for over 20 people!!  Richard had been on nights and so was too tired to go so we just had candles at home and an indoor BBQ!!  We now have a lot of cake to get through!!!!!!!!!!

On the Saturday we paid a visit to the old house where we were greeted by police finger printing next door as they had been burgled!!  Very scary!!  Our house was ok though, I really hope it sells soon!  We then went to an eco transport event at our local church which was quite good but they wouldn’t let Caitlin or Noah have a go of the driving game that assesses how economically you drive so Noah wasn’t too impressed.  After that it was time for a party, 2 boys from school.  It was great the Dad of one boy was doing all the entertainment, lots of games and then at the end he dressed up as buzz lightyear!!!!!!!!  And yep…we got more cake!!!!!!!!!!!

In the evening me and Caitlin went to watch Lucy in a play.  Caitlin was a bit confused at first because she thought she was going to play…not to A play!!!!!!  It was scorching hot in the theatre and so the little ones were very jaded and near the end there were lots of pauses while they remembered their lines….the audience were willing them on so we didn’t boil alive!!  Caitlin loved it though, she spotted Lucy every time she was on and she even spotted her giving us a sneaky wave!

On the Sunday it was time for another party..for Squidge.  It was at a soft play centre and again was a bit hot but all 3 of them had a great time….

…and they had food and games upstairs…

We have another party tomorrow then that’s it for a while!


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