Sun, sun, sun!!!

This week has been so sunny it’s been great!  On Monday we went to town on a secret mission which can hopefully be revealed next week….

Tuesday was even sunnier so we went out to the park.  Austin refuses to wear a hat but I succeeded at first…

then he realised he had it on and after putting it back on about 30 times I gave up!   We saw horses, pigs and the highlight for Noah a fire engine!  While I was at the park I got a phone call with some very promising news……so after school we went out for some drinks!!

Wednesday we’d had a bit much sun so we went to playgroup..Austin looked so grown up just running around with all the big kids…

…and then it was mini club where Austin just ran around causing chaos!  He is at that terrible age where he finds any hazard and goes for it!  He played with the dog bowl, stuck his hands in the plant pots, edged toward the car park…….

During all the sun Caitlin and Noah have been playing in the paddling pool at school…must be a funny sight as all the kids were running in and out in their pants!!!!  Fingers crossed the weather stays!!


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