Fathers Day

We started our Fathers Day by Caitlin and Noah telling Richard what was in his presents, then giving them to them to open!!  We then all had bacon and egg butties and went to the Manchester Parade.  It was the first year for the parade so we weren’t too sure what to expect.  We got to town early thinking there would be lots going on but there wasn’t really, apart from the usual buskers and more than usual balloon sellers!!

We walked down towards the starting point for the parade stopping along the way to check out the water fountains etc!!

As there wasn’t much else going on we were really early so we got a good spot for watching and had an ice cream!  As the parade started we kept running out into the road to take pictures of the Spirit of Manchester approaching!  Caitlin was convinced she was going to get squashed by the floats even though they were miles away!!!!!!

The displays in the parade were brilliant.  There was a giant peacock which was made by some schools and local groups…..

Some of the corporate entries were pretty poor in comparison to the ones done by kids groups etc which have virtually no budget!  The MEN one was rubbish, just a few people with cardboard face masks on one of their delivery wagons!!!!!  There were quite a few with kids dancing or dressed up as flowers and they looked boiling as the weather was so hot, so I felt quite sorry for them.  There was an allotment display were they had all dressed up as fruit and veg!!  And the fire service had an old fire engine and people dressed up….

Caitlin and Noah loved the parade but Austin slept for the whole thing!!  Maybe a good thing since he probably would have wanted to run out into it all!!!  It was brilliant but it would have been better if there were some other things going on around town.

After standing in the sun for a few hours we went for a drink….

…and Austin finally woke up and got to run around!!

Noah has been asking to go on the big wheel in Manchester for ages so we went on that too….

Austin was quite scary because he kept banging on the doors!!!!  It was really hard to get him to stay sitting down!

Then we went for some tea before heading home……..


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  1. Mancais

    Would you go again next year? I toyed with the idea of going into town but decided to watch the football instead.

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