Park and strawberries

Today we took Caitlin to the park on her bike, we have been promising for ages but then it keeps raining and also it really needs both of us.  She rode there but is really scared of the road so won’t keep peddling!  Once we got to the park she got off and played on all the new things, every time we go they seem to have added a little bit more, it seems to be taking them forever to finish off!

Austin of course loved the swings and he’s really good, every time I put him on a swing and start him off he can carry on going!!  Even Caitlin struggles with that…bet it won’t last!!  Caitlin and Noah loved the slide that had been added to the wooden wigwam thing…

After we’d played for a while we went into the field out the back where Caitlin got back on her bike….

…she really needs to go out on it more often though, she can’t ride on anything bumpy and gives up really easily!  Noah just kept running into the long grass even though there were nettles in there and he got stung quite badly not long ago….

…some people never learn!!

Afterwards Richard made a strawberry house from our old sash windows!!!

…even with a hinged lid……

Now we just need to wait and see who’s plant wins!  They each got a plant from my cousin and her Mum, Caitlin’s has the most baby strawberries so far……….



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2 responses to “Park and strawberries

  1. Oooh I love that strawberry thingie! That Richard is so darn clever! We keep slogging along w/ our bike rides even though it is sooo stressful for me. Squidge loves it and is getting better and better. What park is that? I don’t recognize the slides- always on the look out for a new park!!

  2. Mancais

    Strawberry house is brilliant.
    The park looks good. For a while the playgrounds everywhere looked really boring compared to what we had when we were kids but they seem to be improving again now.

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