School induction evening

Tonight we went to the school induction evening for Caitlin’s new school.  We got all sorts of information like how her induction will work in September, she’ll do afternoons for a week, then mornings for a week then if all is going well she’ll go full-time.  She’s in a group with her best friend which is fantastic!!  My only concern is dinner time…  At the moment she has a packed lunch which she loves and eats all of, I make sure it’s healthy and I’m really happy with it.  If she continues with packed lunch she will be split up from her friend.  I want her to be happy and so I think she’ll move onto school dinners, but I’m not at all convinced they are as healthy as they like to claim….especially for someone who can’t have milk…what is their substitute for days with milk in, which is a lot…any cheese sauce, mash….

She goes for her first trial afternoon in a few weeks which should be good.  The teachers seem lovely and as she already loves pre-school I’m sure she’ll love this…especially since her best friend will be there too…..   Just need to go through the mound of paperwork now and decide which of the uniform options she wants!!



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2 responses to “School induction evening

  1. How exciting! We go for a parent night on the 24th then another 3 hour afternoon thing where the kids look around the classrooms and we get info on uniforms and the routine. Don’t really know why they have 2 of them but whatever!

  2. Mancais

    I attended a food testing yesterday and the organisers were really keen to cater for people with food intolerances and alergies. The shepherds pie was absolutely yummy.
    Good news Caitlin will be with her friend.

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