Rain dodging!

The weather forecast for today was heavy rain so when we went to the park I packed raincoats and they wore wellies!!!  Last time I did this me and Austin got burnt to a crisp!!!!  We didn’t get burnt, but we also didn’t get wet!!!

We saw the baby ducks and baby geese and walked around the park.  In the afternoon it was time for Austin’s injections!!  I got him weighed first and he is 22lb 10, which is roughly what Noah weighed at this age, but Caitlin was 2 and a half before she weighed that!!!  Last time Caitlin came along to Austin’s injections she cried more than he did, but this time the nurse saw she was looking worried and took her off to meet a newborn baby!  She then got a sticker and on the way home she said she’d got it for not being scared of the baby which made me laugh!!!!!!  I explained it was for being brave while Austin had his jabs and she just looked confused…..

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